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country - Argentina
genre - Drama, Biography
runtime - 1 h 58 Minutes
Gilda, the popular Argentinian singer of the '90s, died tragically at 36 years old in a car accident, in the peak of her career. Gilda's name was Myriam Alejandra Bianchi. With 30 years old she accomplished in 6 years what takes most musicians a lifetime, but getting there was much harder than everyone thinks. "I'm Gilda" is about a woman's arduous journey to make her dreams come true. A road few dare to venture

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writer Kevin Meul Ratings 6,5 / 10 stars My First Highway is a movie starring Natali Broods, Ruth Becquart, and Romy Lauwers. Benjamin is a teenager on annual holiday with his parents in Spain. During this holiday he meets the attractive and intriguing Annabel. Together year 2016 Drama

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genre Drama / Star Maya Posey / description The Raging Elephant is a movie starring Moses Sesay, Maya Posey, and Joshua Retemiah. Jean Negus Péralte has been physically abused by the police, and the judicial system who let his abusers free are now preparing to arrest him. To / Creators Gunnar Dessources

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scores=163 Vote; Or Paz; 76 m; resume=Seret Efes is a TV movie starring Tom Trager, Or Paz, and Hadar Zusman. A rude loud-mouthed Israeli tricks "Comedy Central" into giving him a movie budget which in return ruins the lives of everyone around him and descends into; Comedy