She's so beautiful 😍😍😍. Shes so gorgeous 😍😍. Nagyon jó! 👍👍👍👍. We're can I watch this movie. Ya friends she walk with me wind blow me trough haven Hold her so wanna in between change this is solo. Down for Whatever. I definitely love the way you shake, wind, and roll Keri. Your Biggest fan, Lt. Quincy Smith, Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Imádom ezt is 😊😊🥂. Did lose a lot of blood so we should probably get her to the 🏥. Denise pulls her 🔫 out Denise: not at all you wouldn't recruited you volunteer for this stuffthe only way you leaving here is in a body bag lights. Parched okay listen little man all right this is an important I need your help I have a reason to believe you know where the girls are Little man: what girls Tracey: Sonya and Denise Little Man: oh so that's why you're. Megvan a májusi vizsga dalom😉🤟🖤. Forgot about this song 😱 Love this track 💙🖤. October 2019? 🏌️. Marcou minha adolescência 😍😍😍🇧🇷. Keri ft kanye Keri ft t.I Keri ft nelly Keri hilson doesn't get enough was really good had dope jams. 5ödik másodperc után ment a like...


She's soooooooo underrated what the hell. 13th December 2019 anyone available. The industry played Keri, she was dope asf. Feel was deep Amazing acting. Sister okay this isn't a setup I promise Denise: get up get up Tracey: Sonya you're going to be okay Denise: what the hell are you doing Tracey: I'm just going for my supplies Denise: you mess anything up I will.