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Feb 2019. We are monster watch movie online. Go to the Home Page. Im doing this play for a acting camp. Based on real events this film starts out with Robert Stewart being discovered in his cell after he has murdered his cell mate Zahid Mubarek. The film then traces the events that led up to this murder. In doing so it appears to have drawn heavily on the findings of the inquiry into the events at Feltham Young Offender Institute during the year 2000.
Stewart is played by Leeshon Alexander who also wrote this and he puts in a very commendable performance. The back story includes unvarnished criticisms of the Prison Service too and an attempt to understand why he did this terrible and unprovoked act.
In terms of presentation this is a very 'staged' performance with few locations and obvious sets, but this is done for artistic impact and I felt actually worked really well. This is not an easy watch though as the material being covered is one that is alien to most people; it is though a very worthwhile piece of movie making that will appeal to those who like real life dramas and don't mind starting with the ending – especially one that is essentially an unhappy one.

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We Are Monster Watch movie reviews. We are monster watch movie review. I just watched this last night lol. Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock Forever and this song. Ok so at the theatre that I perform at, we have a musical with younger kids go on before us. It just so happens that before Bugsy Malone (the musical I am in) this musical performs. So for some reason lots of the songs from this musical are stuck in my head and unfortunately will be there weeks after we close on this upcoming Sunday.

We are monster watch movie now. The Theory: Dr. Strange sent The Hulk to Sakaar which was the first of his four attempts at getting rid of The Hulk. Evidence: STRANGE HAS THE MOTIVE The Hulk is too dangerous to ignore. Strange keeps a list of dangerous beings from other worlds per Ragnarok. It's not a stretch to believe he also keeps a list of dangerous humans on earth which would include Bruce Banner who as both a giant green rage monster and co-creator of Ultron is probably right at the top of it. Dr. Strange answers to no one. Even as a student at Kamar-Taj, Strange never did what he was told. He was told not to use portals in the library, he did any way. He complains to the Ancient One about being told to “blindly accept rules that make no sense. ” After which she introduces him to the Mirror Dimension where he can do whatever he wants because what happens there doesn't affect reality. When he picks up the Time Stone to use it for the first time, does he take it to the Mirror Dimension? Nope. He'll play with time whenever and wherever he wants to dag-nabbit because the rules just don't apply to Strange. After he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, he's the top dog. Right and wrong are whatever he says they are now, so any action he wants to take can be justified, including preemptive strikes. The Sorcerer Supreme has always tried to direct the course of history. In Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, as Sorcerer Supreme, admitted to actively interfering in events to “prevent countless terrible futures and there's always another one” so why would Strange be any different especially when he considers himself above the rules. STRANGE HAS THE MEANS Strange loves using the Time Stone. Strange's answer every question put to him is “Time Stone. ” He's had a grand total of maybe 3 hours in the MCU so far, and I'm not sure how much real time that translates to, but during that time he uses the Time Stone on-screen five times: in Kamar-Taj, Hong Kong, The Dark Dimension, NYC and on Titan. (If you buy in on my other theory than Strange orchestrated the snap, then he also used the Time Stone two more times on Titan, once to set the time loop that ensures Thanos completes the gauntlet and once to make sure the Time Stone reverses the destruction of the Mind Stone. In any case, we know Strange has used the Time Stone five (or seven) times already. Who knows how many times he used it off-screen between Doctor Strange and Infinity War? It's safe to say though, Dr. Strange is always ready to use the Time Stone without hesitation. STRANGE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY The Hulk is stupid. He's stupid. That's all there is to it. The Hulk is a loner. In addition to The Hulk, several other people we know are probably near the top of his watch lists including Tony Stark who co-created Ultron, Vision the vibranium android who wields an Infinity Stone, Thanos the mastermind behind the attack on NYC, Loki the leader of the attack on NYC, Odin a rival protector of earth, and Thor who will be Odin's successor. However, he can't strike any of them easily. Stark, Vision and Thor are Avengers, there's no way he can strike at them without the risk of bringing the rest of Avengers down on him (plus the Asgardians as well in Thor's case. Thanos is across the galaxy and surrounded by body guards and an army. He wouldn't want to touch Loki because he's doing a great job weakening Asgard for him while Strange seemingly already has Odin under some kind of quasi-house arrest in Norway. The Hulk though, well, he's a loner. After The Incredible Hulk, Banner goes into hiding. After Age of Ultron, he goes into hiding again. The Hulk also doesn't really get on well with the other Avengers. Even as Banner, his only real friends are Stark and Romanoff. HOW THE HULK WOUND UP ON SAKAAR There's no explanation for how The Hulk got to Sakaar. In Ragnarok, we're never told how he ended up on Sakaar. All we know is that he had some sort of plane trouble and crash landed on Sakaar. This is what would have happened. After determining that The Hulk would be his first order of business as Sorcerer Supreme, Strange begins studying him looking for a weakness. In his research, he learns that after Sovokia, the Avengers return to NYC without The Hulk because he had gone back into hiding. “Why, The Hulk would have been completely isolated and weary from battle then. What a convenient moment that would have been to strike, ” he thinks to himself. “If only I had been Sorcerer Supreme back when that happened. ” Wait a minute, he's a got the Time Stone he remembers. He CAN be there now. At that point he would have whipped out the stone as per his habit, and in his first attempt on The Hulk, time traveled back 2-3 years to Sokovia, a place where The Hulk would have been all alone in the Quinjet at a time where there would have been no witnesses to see him sling ring him to Sakaar. WHY STRANGE SENT THE HULK TO SAKAAR Sakaar is a prison planet paradise. Even as Strange sought to banish The Hulk from earth for the greater good, he did so without malicious intent. He chose to send him to Sakaar because it was the perfect place for him. The Hulk would be trapped on the planet, but he would spend the rest of his life smashing things and people all the live long day, revered as a beloved Champion by the planet's entire population instead of feared as a Monster on earth. The Hulk is also Strange's alarm clock for Endgame. Thanks to the Time Stone, Strange is not bound by the constraints of linear time, so he already knows that Thanos and the snap are a supremely terrible potential future and that if it ever starts to come to pass, Thanos will move so quickly in retrieving the Infinity Stones that no other higher powers or celestial beings will have time to react and stop him. He foresaw that in that potential future that one day The Hulk comes crashes through the sanctum. Therefore, Strange tries his best to prevent it and set himself up with an early warning system at the same time. He sends The Hulk to all the way to a prison planet run by a celestial, so it would be impossible for The Hulk to either accidentally and purposely smash up the sanctum or even come into contact with Thanos at all. He knows that if Banner ever does somehow come crashing through the sanctum one day, then that potential future is now the actual future and its time to put everything else he's been currently working on away and start moving pieces around to begin the Endgame because Thanos is on the move. That's why he asks Banner who Thanos is when he arrives. He wanted clarification that out of the trillions of souls in the universe that the Thanos Banner is talking about coming is Thanos the Mad Titan and not, say, Thanos the A'askvariian battle-slave on Sakaar. The Ancient One idolized Strange. Surely, the Ancient One would have stopped Strange you say. She was the Sorcerer Supreme at that time after all. Wouldn't it be her job to prevent someone from tampering with time like that? Maybe, but she still won't have stopped Strange from doing it. As early as the Loki's attack on NYC, The Ancient One is already convinced that Dr. Strange, who she hasn't even formally met yet at that time, is “meant to become the best of them, ” so much so that in Endgame she hands over the Time Stone to The Hulk, falling in line with his Strange's plan without even knowing what it is, simply because he name drops Strange. Strange did it in the comics. Kevin Feige likes to pull story elements from the comic books for use in the movies. Due to issues with his movie rights, The Hulk didn't get his own trilogy. His entire arc was told through other MCU movies. In the comics, Strange is partly responsible for blasting The Hulk into space because he's too dangerous to stay on earth and The Hulk ultimately winds up on Sakaar as a gladiator, so this would all be a call back to that story line. HOW DID STRANGE EVEN KNOW ABOUT SAKAAR? Sakaar has magic written all over it, starting with its portals. In the MCU, we know of five types of teleportation: the hexagonal jump gates in space, the rainbow beam of the Bifrost, the Tesseract's smokey blue flames, the Convergence's giant doorways and the circular wizard portals. Per Valkyrie in Ragnarok, no one leaves Sakaar. It's impossible. We learn that's not true, you can leave via portal, the same way wizards exit that other inescapable place, the Mirror Dimension. Moreover, unlike the jump gates, the Bifrost, Convergence or Tesseract, all of which are fleeting and temporary passages, the circular portals on Sakaar appear to be permanent. Wizard portals likewise stay open indefinitely provided there's wizard willing them to do so. Sakaar is run by a wizard. Who is the wizard keeping those portals open? The same one who's using them to bring him participants like Beta Ray Bill, Bi-Beast, and Doug for his Contest of Champions. The Grandmaster wears the flamboyant robes of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. He even has his own relic, the Melting Stick. How else is The Grandmaster who is complete given over to his hedonism able to keep control of a planet full of hostile gladiators, slaves, rebels and vagrants? Certainly not through his administrative prowess, but rather by magic. The Grandmaster's abilities are so great, that Loki, the rightful king of Jotunheim and assassin of its last ruler, a claimant to the throne of Asgard who bewitched its last king, the god of mischief who would go on to battle the goddess of death, the guy who tried to stab the earth's Sorcerer Supreme and would later also try to stab Thanos in the throat, the would-be conqueror of earth and the former wielder of both the Mind and Space Stones, tells Thor it would be better to try sneaking off Sakaar than to confront The Grandmaster directly. Time doesn't work right on Sakaar. The Grandmaster isn't just a wizard though. He's powerful enough to keep the giant wizard portals open all over the planet. He admits to being millions of years old. His Willy Wonka intro says he is the actual creator of the planet Sakaar. His palace guard and architecture are all decked out in the Jack Kirby aesthetic. And he's a bizarre father-figure to the slave civilization he's cultivated on his own private world. He's a Celestial. Just as that other Celestial, Ego, spent millions of years learning to manipulate matter, The Grandmaster spent his time learning to manipulate time. Just like Ego, The Grandmaster's mastery is restricted to his planet. He's powerful enough to control time locally on Sakaar, but not universally like the Time Stone can. Sakaar is home to Celestial space wizard tampering with time. The Grandmaster would be on Strange's watch list, so Strange knows all about Sakaar. STRANGE MAKES THREE MORE ATTEMPTS ON THE HULK AFTER SAKAAR Attempt #2: Death by taxi cab. After Thor frees The Hulk from Sakaar and Heimdall sends him crashing to into the Sanctum in Infinity War, Strange sees that Banner cannot turn into The Hulk to take on Cull Obsidian. He portals Banner away to the park in order to “protect him, ” but also sends half a taxi cab with him which almost crushes him when he lands. There were thousands of people in the area in danger of being killed during that battle. Strange didn't try to portal any of them to a “safer” place, just Banner. The Maw and Cull Obsidian had no reason to target Banner specifically because they had no way of knowing he was The Hulk. No, they were sent specifically for Strange. Still, Strange saw The Hulk in a moment of weakness and decided the risk of turning his attention from the two aliens who'd come to kill him for the Time Stone was worth the reward of ending The Hulk right then and there. Attempt #3: The Smart Hulk. Since both exile and assassination failed, Strange moves on with a stop-gap measure. Since his ultimate plan to defeat Thanos involves turning over the Time Stone to Thanos ensuring he snaps away half the universe, he can't leave The Hulk in his stupid incarnation where he'd be the ultimate danger to a city missing half its police force in a country missing half its military all because Banner stubs his toe or gets stung by a bee or something like that. All his actions on Titan are done to ensure that off all the infinite possibilities, his chosen future, option #14, 000, 605, comes to fruition because in that one, Banner, crushed by his inability to protect Vision and stop the snap, looks inward as a coping mechanism which leads to him ultimately integrating his intellect with The Hulk's strength. That intellect becomes the leash that finally checks the brute. Attempt #4: Crippled by the Gauntlet part 1. The Smart Hulk has all the brains and the brawn in one package and that is an outcome Strange can live with until Stark invents time-travel. However, once he does, the Smart Hulk becomes an even greater danger than the stupid Hulk ever was because Banner has proven time and time again, he makes poor choices. For example, after destroying Harlem, Banner goes into hiding, but does he go to somewhere peaceful and quiet where he can live stress-free? No, he goes to India where there's a billion of people with a billion smells and colors and noises assault to his senses and stress him out. Yet, somehow me makes that work. Then Natasha shows up to recruit him for the Avengers. He knows its a bad idea for him to go, yet still he ends up on the helicarrier where despite all his yoga and self-control techniques, he hulks out and proceeds to destroy the inside of the helicarrier. In Age of Ultron, against his better judgment he agrees to help Stark create Ultron, in secret no less. Then after that debacle, he agrees to play Dr. Frankenstein a second time to create Vision even though he himself points out what a disaster Ultron turned out to be. The danger of allowing Banner, with his poor decision making and in full possession of The Hulk's strength, continued access to time-travel is too great to ignore, especially in light of how Stark, Rogers and Loki will all have shortly screwed things up with their own time-traveling in Endgame. Strange ain't got time to deal with some indestructible, space-faring, time-hopping, genius super gorilla monster who could potentially undo option #14, 000, 605 so he had to put the kaibosh on that. Attempt #4: Crippled by the Gauntlet part 2. Option #14, 000, 605 ensured events transpired so that Natasha, instead of Clint, died for the Soul Stone and The Hulk, instead of Thor, ended up performing the Blip. Her death had taken such an emotional toll on Banner, that he even makes a special effort to resurrect her while using the Gauntlet to perform the Blip. He admits as much to the rest of the Avengers. Option #14, 000, 605 ensured The Hulk wound up a mere shell of his former self. He's crippled by the Blip and is so weakened by it that he couldn't even save himself from a collapsing building, instead he's rescued by Ant-Man. With Stark and Romanoff now dead and Thor also psychologically traumatized and headed out into space, Banner also is completely alone and friendless again. A broken Hulk. Please also see my other Dr. Strange theory on this sub. Somebody gave it silver, so you know it's good.

We are monster watch movie free. We Are Monster Watch movies. I dont know who steven is but these guys arent any famous youtubers, they are gang bangers from los angeles in jail for committing crimes, 2 of them murder. The other kid gets out while the film goes on but they follow him to document his life and later he is arrested again.

I'm staying at my wife's parent's home for a week for the Christmas/New Year period. My wife's 2 sisters are here too, who have 2 kids each (ages 5 to 9. My wife and I (we're late 20s) don't have kids. I'm really close to them and love them immensely. I'll engage with them however I can: invent fun games like run around and pretend I'm a monster, help put them to sleep, feed them, discipline them when they misbehave e. g. put them in timeouts (parents will always take my side in punishments) etc. I'm the only adult that will actively engage in play with them most of the day, whereas the other adults mostly give them an activity and let them carry on themselves (not disparaging anyone, just want to show we're genuinely close. The kids all call me the "fun" one. Every time we stay here, the kids make a LOT of noise in the morning from 7am/8am onwards, often right outside the bedrooms. Even with earplugs in and my phone playing white noise on full volume all night, it wakes me and everyone else up a dozen times. They've been told every night before sleep to be quiet in the morning but it never works. Every morning I have to get out of bed at least once and tell them to be quiet and stay downstairs (which I'm thanked for. I said last night while putting them to sleep that tomorrow they can only play Mario Kart on their Nintendo Switch (which they love) and I'll only take them to the park tomorrow, if they are ALL quiet in the morning and I don't get woken up. Today they were noisy again, and I followed through with my punishment. They insisted not all of them were making noise so they all shouldn't be punished. I said no, I got woken up by multiple screaming voices and the deal was you all had to be quiet. Cue extremely grumpy kids, screaming it's not fair. They wouldn't calm down, so I said no Switch tomorrow either. And unless they behave, and don't wake us up in the morning, I won't take them to the park tomorrow either. Their mothers both said "if OP told you to do something and you didn't listen, he can punish you. My wife said that I should stop the punishment now as it's too severe (including extending it to a second day. Plus it wasn't ALL the kids that were making noise, plus it's Christmas and they should be having fun together. I said no, I made a threat of punishment and I'm not going back on it now. Full disclosure/context - my wife and I sometimes discuss (not argue) that perhaps I'm severe with my punishments and punish bad behaviour that most other people would probably let slide. My view is that discipline is important, and I balance it out by playing with them as much as I can/being as fun as I can. AITA? EDIT: I'd like to answer some frequent questions/points: I wake up 6-6. 30am on "normal" days. While I'm on vacation at my in-laws, I wake up anywhere between 7. 30 and 9. After the kids go to sleep, the adults will play games, watch a movie, have a drink etc. I don't think it is unreasonable to want to sleep in, especially when I brought earplugs and play white noise all night As I wrote, we don't expect the kids to be completely silent - just not scream upstairs next to the bedrooms. As long as they're downstairs and not screaming, nobody will hear them from their beds They're smart kids and are perfectly capable of being quiet. When they're at weddings or at school together, they know to be quiet and are. So I personally don't understand how many people are saying it is unreasonable to expect that much from them Their dads aren't staying with us - one couldn't get time off work, one runs his own business and it's his busy season Their mothers are genuinely great parents in my opinion. They are awake with the kids in the morning, but they can't always stop them from running around screaming before they've already woken everyone up I'm not the only one disciplining them. I just did in my capacity as uncle, same with my sister's kids. I've discussed it with the parents before and I'm not overstepping my bounds. Unless they're very good liars. We all see each other very often, including all the kids. Once a month at least, usually much more often Just because I discipline the kids occasionally doesn't mean that their parents don't or they're lazy. If I see the kids doing something wrong, I don't think "not my problem" I think "I'm seeing it happen so I should do something about it. The parents support me in this. I don't see any reason I can't be both a fun and responsible uncle. But I suppose every family is different To the someone who said they'd break their brother-in-law's jaw for telling their kids off. I think you need anger management Thank you for the judgements everyone. Though some of them did seem excessively angry 2nd Edit 11) Again. I'm not expecting anyone to wake up late, or not to be loud. I'm just asking for the kids not to scream upstairs outside the bedrooms until everyone is up. Which is latest 9am, though usually is about 8am 12) Regarding whether it's within my rights or not to discipline them. Another commenter made a good point that many people believe "it takes a village to raise a child" when it comes to the positives (love and support) but not when it comes to discipline because "they're not your kids. Would you have the same attitude of it was a teacher saying this to your kid, or a babysitter, or their grandparent? I personally don't believe the parents can be the ONLY source of discipline for any kid, nor should they be.

We are monster watch movie youtube. I have to watch this tomorrow in school so might as well get it over with now. We are monster watch movie season. We are monster watch movie torrent. We are monster watch movie 2. We Are Monster Watch movie maker. We are monster watch movie english. We are monster watch movie 2017. Shes always been there, in the forest, for as long as anyone could remember. My grandparents used to tell us stories about her; she was once young and beautiful, the pride of the town. But beyond her beauty, she had a wit that could cut down the toughest man, and she could sing. Emma was her name, and Emma had her choice of suitors, but none ever captured her heart, not like that mysterious out of towner. Rumor had he had come from some far off land, he was traveling looking for inspiration for his stories. Hed come down to the tavern to listen to local legends, not knowing hed soon become one. It was one dreary October, when he was sitting in the bar, documenting drunken tales, when he saw Emma, she was singing on the stage, a mournful song of lost love. The attraction was magnetic, and soon they were inseparable. As months drew on, they grew closer, and the strangers time in town was drawing to a close. They both knew time was short, and would spend every waking moment together. One night, when the fog was dense and the forest around the town was still, they decided to go for a stroll. Hand in hand they walked out of town, and neither would return. Everyone thought they had ran away together, until a local hunter found a clump of Emmas beautiful raven hair, bloody and matted to a rock. Back then they werent sure what happened, and we arent any closer to knowing the truth today, but that hasnt stopped the town from guessing. Some people think the young lovers quarreled about him leaving, and in the argument he pushed Emma; while other people think he told her he was leaving, and she couldnt bare the thought of being without him. Whatever may have happened, neither of their bodies had ever been found, and most people assume the man left town that night. The legend grew and spread through the town, especially after people spoke of seeing a woman in the forest, and hearing a soft song coming coming through the dense thicket of trees. Personally, I dont think Emma ever left. On cold foggy nights, I can hear a whisper on the wind coming from the forest. It sounds almost like a soft ballad of lost love. And even stranger yet, not one woman has gone missing in our forest, there are plenty who should have. I wish it werent so, but its not uncommon for a woman coming into town, bedraggled and in a panic, telling a story of a date gone wrong, or a man finding her on a walk and trying to attack her; only to be saved by a woman. A woman who is thin and wispy, with raven black hair, and tear stained cheeks. A woman whose feet dont touch the ground, and doesnt seem quite right. We always believe them, because the men who tried to hurt them never come back, and we never find any trace of the men. I know Emma is still here, because she saved me. When I was a little girl, I use to run to the forest to escape home. My parents were, self destructive at best. Dad was a raging alcoholic, battling demons left from the war he didnt want to fight, and my mother was a shell of a woman. 15 years of broken bottles and promises will do that to a person, and make up cant hide the bruises left on someone's soul. They had me late in their marriage, I think mom hoped my birth would be the miracle that saved the marriage, but it didnt. Dad was so far gone I dont think anything could have saved him, and I quickly learned as a child to keep my head low and to stay quiet. The forest seemed like the one place no one would go to find me. I always had to come back home, but for a few hours I was safe; I would listen to the song on the wind, pretend I was a brave knight who could swoop in and rescue my mother, imagining my dad was an evil dragon, and I would do and imagine anything that fulfilled my childhood wishes and dreams. I even had a favorite rock by a small pond where I would sit and do homework or draw. No matter how drunk or angry dad was, he never bothered coming to find me, and looking back I almost wonder if he knew how it would end if he had tried. I hadnt been home from school long when I heard his truck in the driveway. He was home from work earlier than usual, and the air grew tense as the trucks engine died. Mom gave me some crayons and a notebook and hurried me outside, she had been through this enough times to know nothing good could come from such an early arrival. I had barely made it out the door when the screaming started. Dad has lost another job, he had shown up late and hung over one too many times. The screen door slammed behind me as I could hear the first bottle hit the wall. As his words flew through the air I ran. This was bad and I knew it. There was something different about today. I dont know if it was his tone, or the words he used, but something was very wrong. So I ran, I ran to the forest. To my pond, and before long I was scrambling up my favorite rock, where nothing could touch me. Where my home and my father didnt matter, where my mom wasnt hurting, and where I was safe. It was so strange, other people would talk about the song on wind, but at the pond it was almost like hearing it whispered in your ear. I could never make out the words, but its ethereal sound was somber yet calming. I would watch the stillness of the pond, remembering the stories of Emma, and picture her life playing out like a movie on the glassy water. I always saw a beautiful young woman walking off into the sunset with the mysterious writer. I now know that isnt true, but I think as young children we all have innocent hopes deep inside us. With the snap of a twig my peace was broken, the sanctuary I had created was violated. All I had to hear was the foot fall to know that dad had found me. Without turning around I could smell the alcohol emanating from him, and I could feel his unbridled rage penetrating the air around us. The water next to me rippled with violent anticipation as I felt dads hand wrap around my pony tail, yanking me to the ground. Instinctively I curled into a ball with my back to him and my knees tucked tightly in my chest. After the second blow from his steel toed boot I gasped, opening my eyes for the first time since he had wretched me from the false safety of my rock. Looking back at me, wedged deep in a crevasse in my rock was a skull, hollowed eyed, with long dark black hair shrouding around it. I screamed, and my father's rage intensified. I heard the rustle of his pants and his leg swung back for another kick, but the blow didnt come. Instead a loud shriek echoed through the forest. Looking back over my shoulder I saw the woman. Her feet didnt touch the ground, her tattered clothing and long hair swirled around her face; patches of her tissue thin and brittle skin were missing from her face. Her jaw hung slackly and her teeth were exposed through shreds of lip that still had traces of lipstick on them. Her eyes were cavernous sockets with a deep red glow burning within them. Her gaunt skeletal arms reached out towards my dad, with her claw like fingers digging into his shoulders. He bellowed in pain as the blood ran down his booze stained shirt. With no effort the woman flung him across the pond, and he hit a large tree with a resounding thud. As I inched myself backwards toward the rock, she came closer to me, she was moving slowly, mirroring my speed. I was trapped, with nowhere to go, and I was panicking, I sobbed harder than I had when receiving the brutal beating my dad had laid out for me. She reached out towards me, and I closed my eyes anticipating the same fate my father received. Something gently touched my cheek, and when I opened my eyes, there was a beautiful woman before me. With long black hair, and a beautiful gown. Her eyes burned with an indescribable intensity, as she wiped my tears. Her skin was soft, and warm, as was her smile. The being in front of me seemed wholly human. In the distance I could hear my father move, and the woman turned towards him, and with a flash she was the heinous monster I had seen just moments before. My father was struggling to stand, and as he struggled the woman turned back to me. She was once again her soft and human looking self, she touched her head to mine as she whispered to me, telling me to run. I stifled my tears and nodded my head. With a flash the woman was soaring away from me. The tatters of her flesh and clothing rippling in the wind as she barreled towards my father. I ran. Faster than I ever imagined possible, each one of the fathers screams seemingly increasing the speed with which I took every step. Before long I had reached home, and as I ran through the back door I found my mother crumpled on the floor; this beating had been more severe than those in the past. Her clothing was soaked with blood, and her face was so swollen it was almost unrecognizable. When she saw me, she started sobbing and crawled towards me. We held each other, and cried together. We called the police, and filed a missing persons report, but we knew Dad wasnt coming back. They whisked Mom away in an ambulance, and the wail of the sirens seemed like they were ringing in a new era in our lives. Emma saved us that day. Weeks later I returned to my spot, and it was as quiet and still as ever. I stared into the pond wondering about what had happened, when I saw the reflection of the kind and gentle woman who had saved me. Turning to look behind me she wasnt there, but there was a locket on the ground, next to the crevice. I picked it up, slowly turning it to reveal Emmas initials. Inside were pictures of who I assumed to be Emma, and the stranger. His face had been clawed out, and all that remained of the image was the body of a seemingly tall man in a dark coat. When I returned home, I told my mom about the skull, and showed her the locket; and she once again called the police. After making up a story about how I found the skull and locket, they followed me to the pound. They quickly taped off the area, treating it like a crime scene, even though I was sure this skull was far older than they anticipated. It didn't take them long to come to the same conclusion I had. They were able to recover most of her body, and are investigating the man pictured in her locket, just to see if they can find any answers about the mysterious writer, the case is well over 100 years old, but we are all hoping for closure for her. According to the evidence they could find, she had a large amount of head trauma, and a bone in her neck was broken, indicating strangulation. She also had several broken bones that had never been set properly. The police suspect that the mysterious man wasn't as kind as everyone had thought. Its now believed that Emma had rejected his advances, or refused to leave town with him, and he in turn killed her. She had a beautiful service and burial, attended by most all of the townsfolk and all the women she had protected over the years. At night we can still hear her song on the wind, so I know shes still with us, and even with answers about what happened to her she may never leave. In death she is able to save us, like no one could save her, and part of me thinks she wouldnt have it any other way. Weve come to accept that when a man from town goes missing, its probably for the best. It hurts sometimes, especially when its your cousin, or the star quarterback, but we know Emma has her reasons. As long as her song calls from the forest, we know we are safe.

When does it come out. 1 nomination. See more awards  » Edit Storyline On 8th February 2000 at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Robert Stewart, a known violent racist was placed in a cell with Zahid Mubarek, a young Asian man due to be released in 6 weeks who had only been convicted of petty theft. Over this six week period, Stewart, with his unbalanced mind and deep seated racist tendencies is allowed, through indifference bordering on institutional culpability, to become the 'monster' he always wanted to be. Hours before Mubarek's release, Stewart murdered him in an unprovoked attack. Written by Anonymous Plot Summary, Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 1 May 2015 (UK) See more  » Also Known As: We are Monster Box Office Budget: 1, 100, 000 (estimated) See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia Mostly filmed in Haslar hospital, Gosport See more » Alternate Versions As of 2017, all UK versions are cut to reduce the number of uses of the word 'cunt' by around half in order to achieve a '15' rating. See more ».

GUITAR HERO CARAAAAAAAAAI. We are monster watch movie hd. Dat right homie be a movie star i wish i was in there a lil longer to be on big screen with u. Watch online We are Monster (2014) Full Movie Putlocker123, download We are Monster Putlocker123 stream We are Monster Movie in HD 720p/1080p. On 8th February 2000 at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Robert Stewart, a known violent racist was placed in a cell with Zahid Mubarek, a young Asian man due to be released in 6 weeks who had only been convicted of petty theft. Over this six week period, Stewart, with his unbalanced mind and deep seated racist tendencies is allowed, through indifference bordering on institutional culpability, to become the monster he always wanted to be. Hours before Mubareks release, Stewart murdered him in an unprovoked attack. Duration: 89 min Quality: HD Release: 2014 IMDb: 4. 9.

Holy hell, I used to play the crap out of Guitar Hero 3, but as I grew older I forgot all about the many great songs in the game. I found this song by just messing around on YouTube and as fast as the starting tones along with the clapping played I remembered it. Wasn't this the/ one of the main menu songs. We are monster watch movie list. We are monster watch movie 2016. We are monster watch movie trailer. As a criminal psychologist I've heard it all. Virtually any outrageous reason you can think of for why someone committed the crime they did, I've heard. Now, when I say I believe someone who told a preposterous story, it's because I do believe that is the reason they did it. Do to whatever mental illness they might suffer from, there's times I believe them when they say a leprechaun told them to kill their neighbor. Obviously I don't believe an actual leprechaun manifested itself to this person and that they actually only did what they did because they are crazy, but in my line of work you have to talk to the person as if what they were hallucinating about actually happened. This case was different though. I think I believe his story and not because he thinks that's what happened, but because I've had a feeling for a long time he was not suffering from any mental affliction and might actually have been telling the truth. I'm going to post the transcript from my interview with him here on nosleep, there will of course be some redacted information, names were changed, and I've cut out a lot of my trivial interjections in the interest of flow and pacing. Any interjection from me will be in (parenthesis) and it will otherwise be told from his first person perspective. I'll leave it up to you all to decide if he's crazy. A little about him before we start. He was a PhD educated professor of biology, anatomy and pathology and serves as the chairman of the Biology Department at the local university. He had no personal or familial history of any kind of mental illness. Please introduce yourself and why you are here) My name is Michael and I shot my friends Dave and Gary right outside our personal science lab at the docks near Marina. Start from the beginning) It all started a few days ago when the school year concluded, we were taking our annual camping trip to celebrate the end of exams. It was me, Dave, Gary, and John, all fellow biology department professors. We go to Provincial Park in Canada every year. We spend a few days at a campground and then we go to a deep woods wilderness camp site that we have to use our canoes to get to. That is our favorite part, the deep woods, there's never anybody there and we're all alone. The vacation went well at first. Once we found a nice site in the back woods that started off great too. I'm SCUBA certified and we had never been to this part of Lake before, we were more backwoods than we'd ever been. I was eager to dive here. How's the visibility, most lakes I've heard like this the visibility isn't great or there's nothing to see) True there's not much to see. It's the same kind of fish you can see in a city park pond, but there's something about diving in a body of water few people ever touch. It's mostly unsullied by people's garbage and whatnot. Tell me what you saw down there) I didn't dive until our second day. It was very uneventful but part of the enjoyment for me, like I said, was being 30 feet down and not seeing any trash or anything man-made at all. I went out further towards the center of the lake. Visibility was low so I didn't see it right away, it kind of crept up on me. At first I thought it was a small propeller plane or something but I quickly realized it was too big. It was irregularly shaped for sure and had a large shaft toward what I figured was the rear of the craft protruding upwards that had a small "fin" at the top. The fin was probably about 15 feet or so below water level. I swam to what I thought was the front of the craft and saw a rounded area sitting atop the otherwise pointed bow. It had a little window that I thought must be the cockpit, the glass was broken and it was impossible to see anything inside. I quickly came to the conclusion based on the design of this vessel it did not appear to be any man-made craft of any kind that I had ever seen or heard of and that I was potentially looking at a UFO. I reserved full judgment on whether or not this was a UFO until I got a second opinion. John was also a diver and had brought a tank. I would have him go down with me to investigate further. I really shouldn't have been diving by myself anyway. John was immediately intrigued when I told him I had found an aircraft at the bottom of the lake and it didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before. He was ready to go in minutes. We took a canoe out to where I thought it was to save air and we went down. We found it relatively quickly. He did as thorough a swim-around as I did. Seeing it again it was kind of shaped like a large arrowhead. Look up an F-117 Nighthawk, that's kind of what it looked like though it looked much more. alien' in design. It wasn't flat underneath, it had a bulkier cargo area or something below. John found a large opening in the hull underneath what appeared to be the left wing of the craft. He was ready to enter but I stopped him. My air was too low and it was getting dark. I motioned for him to meet me at the surface so we swam back up. I told him I needed to switch to my other tank, each of us had brought two tanks, if there was any chance of us entering the craft. I also told him it would be much better to wait until morning. We spent that night telling Gary and Dave what we had seen. Gary immediately became paranoid, he was of the mind since we even knew this craft existed that we were in danger from the Government. If we swam into the aircraft and actually found an ET (the pilot) we were as good as dead. We eventually decided we were indeed going in. We toyed with Gary saying the pilot was probably long gone. He swam out the back, assimilated into human form and probably replaced, and is now living as, the Queen of England. We eventually went to bed but I hardly slept at all. I don't think John did either. The next morning John and I went down again. We approached the hull breach, it was more than large enough for us to fit in one at a time. It's important to note the exterior of the aircraft was metallic but it was difficult to say what material. What I found interesting is that the outer hull was completely free of aquatic fungus or algae or even rust, anything that would indicate it had been there a while. This led me to believe this may have been a recent crash and that made me nervous. We secured a rope near the outside of the craft so we could follow it to find our way out if we got turned around at all. Once we got inside the interior told a different story. The inside was very dilapidated, nowhere near the almost pristine nature of the outer hull. Judging from the aquatic plant life and algae that we could see growing and the amount of fish that had settled and were darting out of every crevice we swam by it appeared this vessel had been down here for some time. We appeared to be in some sort of cargo area. There was an open doorway near the back we looked in and it appeared to be an engine room. We examined what we believed to be the engine but rubble and pillars had fallen and it blocked our access to the greater part of the area. We proceeded down a narrow corridor towards the bow. We swam right and we came to a ladder. This ladder went up a few feet and we saw what appeared to be a hatch that was closed. We swam up to it and examined it. We pushed on it first to no avail and searched around the area until I saw what appeared to be a lever off to the side. I motioned to John and he motioned for me to pull it. I did so and we heard something near the hatch mechanically release, which also released a large amount of air bubbles into the water, but the hatch remained closed. We puzzled over it for a few seconds before John pulled out his diving knife. He attempted to slide it into one of the edges on the right side of the hatch and was able to penetrate a few inches. He worked it for a few minutes and the hatched inched open slightly before the blade snapped. It had opened just enough for us to get our fingers in so we tried pushing and pulling. There was much resistance but with our combined efforts the hatch slowly began to open. We swam up into what could only have been the cockpit. I saw the broken window I had seen from the outside. John swam ahead and around what appeared to be a large chair, probably for the pilot. I heard him let out a muffled cry of extreme surprise and he swam back towards me faster than I had ever seen him swim. His mouthpiece had fallen out of his mouth and he had to put it back in. His eyes were wild. He pointed to the chair and he made back and forth motions with his hands like he was turning a steering wheel. I was slightly confused but then he pretended he was using a joystick and made muffled sounds with his mouth. I realized he was pretending to fly a plane and the sounds he was making were supposed to be the machine guns. I then realized he was trying to tell me the pilot was still sitting in his chair. I motioned for him to calm down. I was afraid as well but I knew I needed to see this. I motioned to him that I was going to go and look for myself. I motioned for him to stay but he shook his head. I then proceeded to swim slowly around the chair and he followed behind me. Any doubt that this was a UFO was then extinguished. The being sitting in the chair was humanoid but definitely not human. Its head was about 20% larger than a humans I'd say and it was probably about 4 feet tall. Its arms were floating lifelessly in the water and were disproportionately long. I took note immediately about how there appeared to be no rot or skin breakdown on this being despite the length of the time the cargo area indicated this craft had been underwater. I knew John and I needed to actually speak so I motioned for us to retreat. We returned to the surface and discussed our options. After the initial 'holy shits' and 'what the fucks. we discussed our next options. The first was to simply leave and not tell anybody, including Gary and Dave, what we had seen. We knew we'd never be able to keep that secret so that was out. We discussed a few more options before I realized what we needed to do. Or I should say, what I badly wanted to do. I told John we needed to get it back to our lab we had at the docks and perform an autopsy. He looked at me like I was a complete idiot. He asked how the actual fuck we were supposed to get it back to the states. I told him my plan and he said it might just work. We then retrieved the body carefully and loaded it into the canoe. I rowed back to shore while John swam, I don't think he wanted to sit in the boat with the body. Unsurprisingly, Gary and Dave absolutely flipped their shit when we got back. I told them we were leaving right now, going back to the car and driving straight home. They were confused at first but then John told them what was down there was not only a UFO but the pilot was in the canoe. Gary turned white as a ghost when he saw it and Dave was intrigued. I then laid out my plan. We drove an oversize cargo van. There was on bench seat in the back that sat about a foot off the floor so you could put crap underneath it. My plan was to leave the body in the canoe, pack it with ice and cover it up, then put the canoe in the back with us instead of on the roof. It would just fit since the front end would be able to fit underneath the bench seat in the back. We then drive straight to our lab. What kind of lab is this, you just have your own lab. We use it for ourselves. It's rented space in one of the warehouses. We mostly use it to set up lab assignments for students or test new assignments we think of to make sure they are actually a viable assignment. Ok. Please continue) Gary freaks out and almost loses it. He says if we get 'randomly' searched when crossing the border back into the states they'll find the body and we're all as good as black bagged. Dave tells him that as long as everyone shuts the fuck up and only the driver talks we'll be fine. We all argued for about 20 minutes about it before it was settled: we were taking this body back to our lab. We got everything packed up and ended up leaving some things we could replace later since we were in such a hurry. It was a three hour drive, but only one hour to the border. We just had to get across. I would be the driver and would do all the talking. Gary was a nervous wreck as we watched cars seemingly at random get beckoned over to a separate drive area to be inspected. He held it together somehow. We crossed over without incident. Gary about had a mental breakdown as we pulled away from the station and were home free. We changed the ice several times but otherwise the canoe cooler held up. I drove slightly below the speed limit since we certainly didn't need to get pulled over. We got to our lab at about 2:30 in the afternoon. We smuggled the cadaver into our lab and set it up on the table. We locked all the doors and made sure the windows were drawn as well. I realized at this time we were at a point of no return. We were about to perform an unauthorized autopsy on an alien lifeform. We had no idea how we were supposed to publish our results or what we were supposed to do when we concluded. We were all likely to get black bagged if this was something the Government wanted to keep secret but we had come this far and there was no way we were going to stop now. We video recorded the entire thing. My initial examination revealed the ET did not have a sternum similar to humans. It had two large sternum-like bones on the left and right sides of its chest but its center was soft, making it an easy choice for a first incision. We cut deep in order to open it up. It was fascinating. It appeared to have all the same internal organs as we do, just in different spots of course. It was hard to tell what was what aside from the lungs. We concluded they must be the lungs because they were filled with water, initially indicating the cause of death was drowning. There did not appear to be any trauma anywhere else on the ET's body so we also concluded it may not have actually crashed as initially thought. While we had it opened we labeled all the organs we thought we could. Whether or not it was actually correct we obviously had no idea, but for the sake of completion we assigned everything and came to the conclusion the ET had a heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and possibly a spleen. We then moved to its head. Its brain was similar to humans in that it looked similar and as far as we could tell consisted of several different lobes, though the main difference was that it appeared to be triangular in shape, as if it were a pyramid sitting within its skull. There was also a small, unknown gland situated near the base of the brain itself. We had initially deduced the brain stem was already accounted for, so what this other gland was we had no idea. It was at this point in the procedure that Dave stated the gland was 'beating. I asked how that could possibly be since this creature was clearly dead but upon inspection myself I too noticed it did appear to be beating, very slowly. I placed my hand softly upon the gland and felt it pulse. I noticed immediately a silvery, metallic-looking bodily fluid of some kind on my glove that this gland appeared to be secreting. Not only did it appear to be still pumping this substance through the body somehow, it also secreted it into the cavernous spaces of the skull and down its spinal column. Using a syringe I pierced the gland and was able to aspirate a significant amount of the fluid. It was a silvery liquid that looked similar to mercury but lacked the shine. It was a very dull silver in color. I placed it into a vial for further research. Was it its blood. I don't know. I don't believe it was simply because the next day we found out what it did. What was that. We spent all day theorizing over our findings. We spent the night at the lab and didn't call our families. We weren't due back for a few days anyway. We woke up the next morning to a shocking finding on the cadaver: the incision I had made in its chest was in an advanced state of healing. We didn't equate this substance to this healing until after we discussed how an incision so large as to open the entire front of the torso could possibly look this healed in a little over 18 hours. We deduced the mystery gland with the mysterious substance was the only thing still functioning on this cadaver somehow despite its deceased status. We decided we needed to test this hypothesis. I could talk for days about our experiments so I'm going to have to break it down to the most important parts. We decided to inject this substance into lab mice to see how they reacted. The first three mice we injected appeared to die but they didn't actually perish. Clinically they appeared dead, meaning the fluid was incompatible to the point of causing death in the subject, but after declaring them dead they were found to be active again after a short time, though they seemed almost rabid. They viciously attacked the other mouse in the pen and killed it immediately and appeared to begin to cannibalize its corpse. I want to take this time to interrupt the transcript to say I have never heard anything this thought out, intricate, and scientific in my entire career. I am absolutely hooked at this time and despite it being an appropriate time to break, I don't> "We then attempted to terminate the rabid mice using an injectable toxin. We have euthanized many mice using this method and this is the first time it did not have any effect on any of the three of them. I then doubled the dose and injected them again. They should have been dead in less than a minute but they remained as active as before. Dave took over at this point. He took the tongs that we used to hold them in place and proceeded to pierce their skulls with the syringe. This method effectively resulted in their deaths. John then suggested we inject a few more mice but keep them all separate. I agreed and proceeded to inject three more mice with the fluid. It was at this time we decided to test our hypothesis that this substance was providing the cadaver a healing property despite it being dead by removing the gland. We extracted more of the silvery fluid since we feared removal of the gland would result in loss of the fluid production itself. After the gland was removed a large incision was made to test our hypothesis. After nearly 8 hours the incision had not healed at all, thus proving our hypothesis: whatever this fluid was, it had a tremendous healing effect on this ET's body. That must have been why there was no trauma on the body from the crash, it had been healed. We also theorized that this substance could not actually bring the ET back to life should it perish, as it appeared to have drowned and died. I'm getting ahead of myself. Shortly after euthanizing the lab mice we performed an autopsy on one of them. Though they had been dead only about 15 minutes its internal organs told a different story. Atrophy and shrinkage of the internal organs indicated the mouse had been deceased for several hours. Knowing this could not possibly be we examined its brain, where a large concentration of the silver fluid had accumulated. We had no explanation for this and after lots of conjecture we hypothesized that with the amount of this fluid located in the brain of this mouse that it somehow retained its healing property and despite the apparent toxicity of this substance it somehow kept the mouse's brain active, though on a very primitive level, while it caused the rest of the body to waste away as if it had expired. We felt this was an appropriate hypothesis given the toxin we used had no effect on the mouse and only after we pierced its brain did it finally expire. We then did an autopsy on the other two mice which produced identical results. What happened with the other set of mice. This is kind of the beginning of the end. Two of the mice proceeded exactly as the first three had, they appeared to die only they did not and became rabid, immediately attempting to attack our fingers when we pressed them up to the glass. The third mouse however exhibited something else entirely. Long after the other two had gone rabid this mouse appeared to be completely unaffected by the injection of this fluid. We knew we had to be very careful with this mouse in how we proceeded, as it was not exhibiting symptoms of toxicity from this fluid we needed to ascertain whether or not this mouse's body had accepted the fluid and was now capable of regenerating from physical injury or if it was simply carrying this fluid in its body. Carrying as in the medical sense with disease. Correct. This mouse could simply be immune to the toxicity or incompatibility and not be able to regenerate from injury, it just carries this fluid in its body. Unfortunately John got ahead of himself. Seeing the mouse appeared to be perfectly fine he picked it up. It bit him hard enough to pierce his glove on his left thumb. He dropped the mouse and it scampered away. Gary and Dave immediately tore the place apart looking for it as did I while John began scrubbing and decontamination. We were not able to find it, we had lost our only successful specimen. We advised John to go to the hospital immediately but he declined. It was his fault we lost the mouse and he was determined to continue searching for it. We should have insisted harder than we did that he go. We never found the mouse. We spent most of that day in conjecture and hypothesizing our findings. By the evening we were still going over notes and making journal entries. At about 6:30pm John had an uncontrollable coughing fit. He looked pale and diaphoretic and we knew it was because of the mouse biting him. His thumb also looked disgusting. We were all biologists, we should have known to stop what we were doing and take him in right away, but we just couldn't peel ourselves away from what we were doing. Gary volunteered to take him to the local ER while Dave and I stayed behind. I never saw John again. While we were alone Dave mentioned we needed to test the fluid on something other than a mouse. It was at this point I realized we had all gone too far. We should have just left the crash site alone and certainly shouldn't have entered it. Dave was starting to become fanatical, bordering on unethical. He started to offer picking up a stray dog or cat and when he mentioned a homeless person it was at that point I knew we were all in serious trouble. I told him there is no way any of us could possibly partake in something so unethical. He reiterated the fact that somehow we needed a human test. Maybe it was just something with the mice, if a human host accepted this fluid it could potentially be synthesized to create the most powerful healing agent known to man. Sickness and disease could be eradicated if it worked. I repeated to him 'if it worked. We would be responsible for the death of a human being if it didn't. It would absolutely be murder. After a few minute or so I realized we did have a human test: John. I told Dave just look at John, he's showing the same symptoms of decline the mice did. He then told me that can't be considered a true test. The mouse couldn't possibly have passed on the mystery fluid through a small, simple bite. A full injection needed to occur. I began to realize with John's condition that this fluid appeared to be acting like a true disease. If it were to be able to be transferred via a bite and then cause a rabid insanity in anyone who was incompatible we could be looking at a major outbreak. I felt like I needed to call the hospital to warn them. Did you. I didn't get the chance. Gary came back at that point and said John appeared to look even worse after only 20 minutes in the car. I informed in what I had talked to Dave about and he immediately concurred we needed to stop what we were doing. We went back to the lounge room we have, we rented out several other small offices in addition to the area we use for our lab, and found Dave was missing. Fearing the worst we immediately went back to the lab and found him with a tourniquet on his left him, he was injecting the silver fluid into his arm. Gary asked him ' what the hell did you do. and I had some choice questions myself. Knowing he had just signed his own death certificate I knew we needed to involve the police at that point. I was not optimistic that his body was going to accept the fluid as the mouse's had. We discussed our options at that point. I reiterated my theory on how this fluid acted almost like a virus. All but one of the mice had succumbed to the incompatibility and eventually went insane. It was my theory that one of two things occurred in the mouse that did not: either for reasons unknown the mouse accepted the fluid and was now a 'super mouse. or the mouse was simply acting as a carrier, meaning its body was unaffected by the fluid and it was simply carrying it. Either case it would still be capable of transmission via bite. Gary was a virologist and he mentioned one other thing. Some viruses cause mutations of the host genome. Nothing like you see in the movies where they turn into hulking monsters, but we had to consider two things: This wasn't actually a virus, it just appeared to act like one, and if this fluid did cause a mutation there's no telling what that would mean. You shot him so obviously he went bad, and I'm guessing you wouldn't have mentioned this mutation thing if that's not what happened) That's what happened. I guess we'll just skip to the main event, I could ramble on about theory and our scientific shenanigans all night. We didn't get much sleep that night on account of Dave. We drew some blood and did an analysis and his blood was loaded with some sort of antigen, no doubt a product of the introduction of that fluid. It seemed liked it was rewriting his genome somehow. By midnight he was noticeably taller, as if his growth plate had been reopened by this antigen. This did not happen in the mice, so this was intriguing. But he was also declining visibly. He was pale, his color was leaving him and he was diaphoretic. His decline was much slower than the mice and John as well. We'd virtually forgotten about John by that point. We had old hospital restraints in our equipment room, Dave said we should tie him down. He said he was starting to lose it, he looked like hell, like death. And he was huge, he was Arnold Schwarzenegger and getting bigger. His left hand was starting to contort and deform into this horrid claw. It was far too late to take him to the hospital at that point so I knew we were screwed. We tied him down, claw and everything, though I didn't think that was going to matter. It didn't. Gary and I fell asleep like idiots. I woke up and it was about 6:15 in the morning. I nudged Gary telling him to wake the fuck up and we checked on Dave. He was dead. I instantly got a tremendous feeling of dread. How long had he been dead? Was he actually dead? He could reanimate any second. Did he. Yes. Gary was examining the body and he was way too close. I told him to back up but it was too late. Dave reached over faster than I'd seen anyone ever move and had Gary by the throat. He snapped the restraints we had him in as if he was tied down with toilet paper. He then bit a huge chunk out of Gary's shoulder and then broke his neck. Pretty sure that was just on accident though on account of his new strength. I ran for it as he threw Gary away. Dave stood up and had to be about 6'5, he was 5'10 or so previously. I went to the lounge, we had a. 45 hidden there. Just in case, there were nights we were there late. The Docks can gather its shady characters at night. Anyway, I had the lights off and I was hiding behind the desk. I could hear Dave's heavy footsteps outside. His respirations were like a chainsaw, I knew he was looking for me. The door to the lounge opened and I heard heavy footsteps enter the room. I'm shaking uncontrollably as I hear him stop. I ask myself have his senses heightened? Can he hear me or even smell me. I hear a few more steps and suddenly the desk lifts up into the air like it weighs nothing and Dave's claw is holding it up with just the one arm. His clothing was torn and tattered and his skin looked like it was rotting off. I don't know if he was startled or what but what I did next was straight out of a ridiculous kid's movie: as he stood there holding the desk up I simply crawled between his legs out behind him and ran for it. I heard the desk smash into the wall behind me like he had thrown it. I made for the door outside but then I realized something: I have to stop Dave here and now, if he gets out how many people is he going to kill and then infect. I went back towards our lab. I had seven shots, I would get as close as I could and put all seven in his head, head trauma is what finally stopped the mice. I slowly entered the lab just in time to see Dave wind up and punch a hole through the wall, after which he stepped out into the sunlight and into the marina. I followed as fast as I could. The early birds were all out on the docks and the marina getting their boats ready, ripe for the picking. I hollered DAVE as loud as I could as I ran up to him. He spun around with a growl that would make a lion jealous. This caught everyone's attention of course and they all turned to see me run up to him and put two in his face. He stumbled and swayed before falling back. I then put three more in his head and it pretty much exploded. The shrieks of bystanders filled the area as everyone scattered. Running on pure adrenaline and nearly insane myself, I ran back into the lab. Gary had been bit, he needed one in his head too. As I got back into the lab I saw Gary start standing up again, he turned fast. I put two in his head as well. No sooner did I drop the gun in pure shock that I heard rushing footsteps behind me followed by ' get on the ground now. and here we are. End of transcript>. So let me tell you why I think I believe him. I asked him about the crime scene and if anyone saw Dave as a creature and he had no idea. He had no idea what became of the lab and all their research either nor did he know anything about John. He was very educated but he also had street smarts, he told me at that point that any day now once it came out what had happened the Government would be stepping in and he'd be black bagged. He was right. A couple days later I was approached at the station by men in suits, FBI for sure, and they told me my services were no longer required in this case and I was to turn over all materials related to it. I turned over the tape but I had already saved it elsewhere so I wasn't to pissed about it. I asked the arresting officer and detectives assigned and they told me they too had been reassigned and that the case was being handled "externally. I decided to do some investigating of my own. First thing I checked was their lab in one of the warehouses at the docks. This was at least a week after the event and I could still see men in hazmat suits entering and exiting the warehouse, which seemed to be completely closed off, not just the areas they rented. I needed binoculars since you could barely go anywhere down there without being stopped and redirected by men who were most certainly mercenaries. Next thing I checked was the hospital. I have a couple doctor friends. I asked the ER doc and he said he'd never seen anything like it. They shipped him up to the floor real quick. Luckily the admitting doc on the floor was also a friend, he told me they put a gag order on him so we met in person. No traceable, electronic conversations of any kind. He told me that John died shortly after he was admitted. He told me he had pronounced him himself, he was stone cold dead. He said as soon as they bagged him up John then sat up and started thrashing and snarling and growling. They called security and then called the cops after a nurse aide got bit trying to open the bag. They were able to zip the bag back up without anyone else getting bit. A security guard supposedly lost it when he saw John's dead body going crazy and biting a fellow employee so he hit him with a portable oxygen tank over the head, apparently enough trauma to kill John, again. A few days later the aide "turned in" her resignation via email and was never heard from again. He also told me John's chart was later deleted entirely. He told me you can't just "delete" a patient's electronic medical record, whoever did it would have to be way high up. As for John's body someone from the Coroner's Office came to get the body but my friend didn't recognize them, he knew all the pick up guys. They also drove away in an unmarked van, city vehicles were all clearly marked. Lastly I went to the campsite myself where they went. I used my GPS to find the lake they said they went to and took the back road to where they launched their boats. It was completely blocked off and not only were there angry "no trespassing" signs up, but there was even one saying intruders might be shot. I'm hoping it's been long enough that it's blown over and nobody is bothering with me any more so I can tell this story. As for Michael I never heard from him again either. I tried looking him up in the system and his file with the local department had been deleted as well, police records are another thing you can't just "delete" entirely. All four of their Facebooks have been deactivated and Google searches only bring up people with similar names, it doesn't even bring up anything from the University. Michael was black bagged for sure, as were the other three postmortem. I don't know about you, but this has conspiracy written all over it and the more I think about it, the more I actually think this all happened, exactly as Michael said. One other thing I can't help but think about was that mouse that got away. Is there a genetic super mouse somewhere down at the marina, or did those Government wackjobs find it? If they didn't we all better hope he lays low, it seems like major outbreaks throughout history always start with rodent carriers.

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