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Mais atual impossível... "Somos Tão Jovens" is a new Brazilian movie based on the true story of Renato Russo, a Brazilian singer, songwriter and composer who was considered a poet of its generation. In the movie we see the early years of Renato, from 1976 to the upcoming release of Renato's first album along with his band, Legiao Urbana (circa 1984. This band was a huge success in Brazil and a powerful influence among young people throughout the mid 80's through 1996, year of Renato's death and of the resulting end of Legiao Urbana. What the movie shows us is that Renato was, since an early age, someone who looked forward to be an artist. He pursued not only a career, but also a way of express his ideas through the music. Renato was against the Brazilian dictatorship and in opposition to the system itself. Renato's first band was named "Aborto Eletrico" and since its formation in the late 70's the lyrics manifested his ideas in a witty way. No wonder many of Legiao Urbana early successes came from the Aborto Eletrico phase, which is demonstrated all along the movie. Thiago Mendonça plays Renato Russo by perfection: his gestures, voice and physical features are stunningly real. The other performances of the ensemble are also compelling, and so is the film. "Somos Tão Jovens" is a movie I strongly recommend to all music and movie fans worldwide; a little gem about a Brazilian who really made a difference.

Abril de 2019, musica atual no mundo politico. Somos tão jovens filme completo dublado. O Brasil... O Renato era visionário! Único. We're So Young Directed by Antônio Carlos da Fontoura Starring Thiago Mendonça Music by Carlos Trilha Production company Canto Claro Produções Artísticas Distributed by Imagem Filmes 20th Century Fox Release date May 3, 2013 Country Brazil Language Portuguese Budget R 6. 4 million [1] Box office R18, 253, 649 [2] We're So Young [3. Portuguese: Somos tão Jovens) is a 2013 Brazilian biographical drama film about Brazilian rock singer Renato Russo. The film does not follow Russo's entire life, instead focusing on his adolescence, his physical problems and the discovery of his love for music. It is directed by Antônio Carlos da Fontoura, written by Marcos Bernstein and starring Thiago Mendonça and Laila Zaid. It was released in Brazilian theaters by distributors Imagem Filmes and Fox Film on May 3, 2013. [4] Plot [ edit] In 1973, the Manfredini family moved from Rio to Brasília. Renato, suffered from a rare bone disease, the epiphysiolysis and after surgery he was in need of a wheelchair. Forced to stay at home and being treated with morphine, the young man began to project his plans to become the greatest rock star of Brazil, creating, later, the group Aborto Elétrico, becoming the "Loner Troubadour" and later, forming and fronting the popular alternative rock band Legião Urbana. Cast [ edit] Production [ edit] Initially, the idea was to make a documentary about the life of Renato Russo. In 1999, producer Luiz Fernando Borges presented the project to the Manfredini family and received permission to start it. In 2005, the idea of a documentary was changed, and a feature film was already being produced, now under the command of Antonio Fontoura. In mid-2009, part of the cast was confirmed, and filming began only in 2011 in Brasília. Later, Paulínia and the University of Campinas were filming locations. References [ edit] External links [ edit] Somos tão Jovens on IMDb.

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Somos tão jovens filme completo. Somos tao jovens movie youtube full movie. Aq tentando entender essa mente célebre de Renato, Um Gênio. Esse e o som de ontem hoje eo de sempre viva geração coca cola. Tão jovens! Tão jovens. Em Dezembro de 81? Pra cima do Liverpool de novo.


Somos tão jovens. Upload your website to get started. Need help? Admin Panel DreamHost. Alguém aii em 2019 👏😍 só good. Boas vibrações a todos 🍃 faça o bem, plante amor 😍. Me encanto la pelicula, la cancion esta perfecta y Wagner Moura es un gran actor. Somos Tão jovens. Me lembro dos meus 11 anos de idade ouvindo legião eu tinha uma fita que pedi para meu pai comprar ouvia toda noite.




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