Refrains, Definition of Refrains at. Refrain Synonyms, Merriam-Webster Thesaurus. Refrain dictionary definition, refrain defined. A refrain is a short, simple part of a song, which is repeated many times... a refrain from an old song. Synonyms: chorus, song, tune, melody More Synonyms of refrain 3. Refrain from - Idioms by The Free Dictionary. Refrain, phrase, line, or group of lines repeated at intervals throughout a poem, generally at the end of the stanza. Refrains are found in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead and are common in primitive tribal chants.

Refrain, Article about refrain by The Free Dictionary. A phrase or verse recurring at intervals in a song or poem, especially at the end of each stanza; chorus. N-COUNT 反复说的话;老调 A refrain is a comment or saying that people often repeat. Rosa's constant refrain is that she doesn't have a life.

What does refrain mean. definitions. Refrain is a type of repetition, but it is somewhat different from repetition. Refrain is repetition of usually a line, a phrase, two or three lines, or even words in a poem. Repetition, on the other hand, involves repetition of words, phrases, syllables, or even sounds in a full piece. Refrain - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference.