A Conversation with Maxine Bédat, Zady. Have you purchased a copy of The True Cost? Available now for digital download or on DVD and Blu-ray! About FAQ. Die Faire Woche war der Anlass, dass wir vergangenen Freitag in Mainburg eingeladen waren. Anlässlich der Vorführung des sehr sehenswerten Films The True Cost. Der Preis der Mode haben wir über die Herausforderungen bei der Herstellung von. Great documentary about the real price we pay (people and the planet) for fashion and overbuying clothing. At times it seemed that it was repeating and dragging, but overall worth the time. I can no longer justify my clothing donations to charity.


The True Cost Der Preis der Mode Trailer deutsch HD. It's really an eye opener to the secrets behind the clothing industry. In fact the western corporates and consumers have blood on their hands by choosing to stay ignorant about the clothing and food industry. It's sickening how these "happy commercials of lush beauty and nice clothes" are use to fool the world and making it worse and worse for out planet and third world people. SEE THIS AND THINK AGAIN!
Never ever will you buy your clothes without thinking about where it's coming from and what role it played in the environment and the workers behind these clothes. I hope people will start opening their eyes with this documentary.

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