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A well done biopic about Miriam Alejandra Bianchi, a.k.a. Gilda, a recognized Argentine singer and composer of "cumbia" a music genre followed by the argentine masses on the ´90s. Besides, some details about their early life and motivations, and also the difficulties she had to surpass as her fame grows- tough businessmens, even armed menaces. Well, let´s be discreet. it´s a good story and you can even see and hear the musicians that were on Gilda´s band. You wouldn´t be dissapointed. For those who do not know, Gilda was a renowned singer of "Cumbia. which is a popular rhythm in Argentina - who at the peak of her career suffered a terrible accident that ended her life, but even after her death, she is still revered, recognized and remembered by all hearts of Argentine people. The film tells what was her musical career, from its beginnings to its peak, with scenes from her childhood to help understand their motivations. The performances are excellent, Natalia Oreiro who personifies Gilda, performs this role with commitment which is evident in every gesture she makes, and the tone of her voice in the songs, which was typical of the singer. The film is emotional, it is difficult not to be moved so that the protagonist lives, even that never appealed to low blows, the making of the film is as exquisite as effective. For those who know Gilda, this will be the best tribute that could have been done, but those who do not know her, yet can enjoy a superbly performed drama, at the height of any Hollywood biopic.