I need me a beautiful black woman. If they actually give this the punch and wit the trailer implies (with the editing and the sound design) I want to watch this. I know the fat-girl-loses-weight trope is overdone but there's room for something subversive there.


How can anyone take this pc crap seriously,when some of the cast look like they have come from Londonistan. That just can't be possible in real life. I'm a living proof. Take her to House, M.D. I really did not care IF Olivas DEAD. Sorry SIS Omg Ive never gotten so many likes before you.


EL GANSO DEL CHAPO ESTA MAS QUE LISTO JAJAJAJA. Monses edges laid and slayed PERIOT💅🏻. If Woody and Buzz go their separate ways, Im leaving the theater. This movie is literal garbage Wow, I wrote this and my Netflix popped up as if to confront me lol. @william73800 jmmm civilizados claro. TODA COLOMBIA ES IGUAL NO SE HAGA, de seguro ud es de los que vive en el norte y nunca ha pisado el sur de su ciudad. Am I going to defile this grave for money? Of course I am.

Esse filme não está mais na Netflix

I ask for riverdale. Im pissed she didnt fall in love with her best friend. Okay but any movie with chloe makes me 😩😩❤. Va estar bien chida. Ive watched this. Yall r late. Sequel! Sequel! Sequel.