Fuller Brush Review: Company History, Products and Cool Facts

Mr Skelton, the most American (and original) of slapstick comedians, was at the top of his form in "The Fuller Brush Man. Lots of fun intrigue, silliness, and good vs evil stuff going on. Red made a lot of films, many as a supporting player in many Esther Williams films, but when he went off on his own, he commanded the screen with confidence. The founder and first Fuller brush man, Alfred C Fuller, died in Hartford Connecticut in 1973 at age 88. Clumsy sanitation worker Red Jones (Red Skelton) is fired from his street-cleaning job shortly after his girlfriend, Ann Elliot (Janet Blair) refuses his marriage proposal until he betters himself. While training to become a door-to-door salesman, he accidentally stumbles into a murder.

Founded in Boston in 1906 by Alfred Fuller, the Capital Brush Company (as it was known then) began with an initial investment of 375. Fuller worked out of his sister's basement making the brushes at night and sales calls during the day. The Fuller Brush Man (1948. Famous evangelist Billy Graham sold Fuller Brushes when he was a young man. The great writer Clifford Irving spent a short time as a Fuller Brush man. Pee-Wee Herman, otherwise known as Paul Reubens sold Fuller Brushes for a short time also. Actor Dennis Quaid sold Fuller Brushes. In this slapstick comedy, an unfortunate Fuller Brush salesman, Red Jones (Red Skelton) finds himself accidentally caught up in a murder. Suspected of being the killer, Red must clear his name.

"It's the Fuller Brush Man" trailer.
It's the Fuller Brush Man (2017.
By mid-century, the suitcase-toting Fuller salesman, knocking on the doors of rural farmers and urban housewives, became such a part of the national culture that Hollywood was compelled to make two movies about him: The Fuller Brush Man starring Red Skelton in 1948, and its sequel, The Fuller Brush Girl, starring Lucille Ball in 1950.
"Fuller Brush Man" When I was maybe three or four The Fuller Brush man would knock at the door He'd always tell me, Boy, you're gonna miss the fun.

The Fuller Brush Man.


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