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Release date 2018 / abstract Viral Victim follows the unforeseen 10 seconds that altered Jordan Peisner's life forever. Jordan a 14- year old boy is sucker punched by another teenage boy leaving him unconscious, who then shared the incident on snapchat making it go viral. The director and producers begin their journey, exposing the story behind this vicious crime, following Jordan's condition, to how the parents have been trying to find the silver lining and turn a horrible experience into a positive change in society by creating the Jordan Strong Movement and Jordan's Law / stars Ed Peisner

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Reviews: 'Rasan Piya' is a documentary on the life of renowned Khayal vocalist and poet, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan. His story is that of an extraordinary musician, poet and teacher; of someone who has not only preserved but also added much to an ancient Indian art form; of a brave man who overcame his physical limitations to create beautiful music and inspire a whole generation of musicians and music lovers. The film explores the various influences that have shaped his life and music. His life also offers a commentary on the change that art in India has witnessed with the decline of the riyasats (kingdoms) and the patronage they offered. Lastly, the film attempts to draw one towards our ancient 'guru shishya parampara', as preserved and practised by one its most revered exponents

Country: India

runtime: 1 hours 20min

rating: 14 votes

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Release Year 2011 / Fabula is a movie starring Carlos Luis Gonzalez, Alicia Hechavarría, and Fernando Hechevarria. In Havana, where economic difficulties are numerous, two young people try to find out if love and aspirations can survive in a city / Director Lester Hamlet / Cuba / 27 Votes

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  1. Score=6 Vote
  2. 8,3 of 10 Stars
  3. abstract=Chakkara Maavin Kombathu is a movie starring Gourav Menon, Joy Mathew, and Harisree Asokan. Uthaman and Jentry have a troubled childhood, whilst the former who comes from a very poor family, the latter yearns for parental love. The
  4. Runtime=1 h, 59 m
  5. release year=2017

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South Korea; genres: Thriller; story: Haemoo is a movie starring Yoon-Seok Kim, Yoo-chun Park, and Ye-ri Han. A fishing-boat crew takes on a dangerous commission to smuggle a group of illegal immigrants from China to Korea; Directed by: Sung-bo Shim; Average Ratings: 7,6 of 10 star

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country=Austria. Wanda's world has been turned upside down when her teenage daughter Nina suddenly turns up in a hijab. Secretly, Nina has converted to Islam; she exclusively eats halal, strictly observes the prayer times and wishes to be called Fatima. Mother of a liberal Viennese patchwork family, Wanda is appalled; she has always strongly stood against religious fanaticism. However, all attempts to make Nina see reason fail. To make matters worse, Wanda's ex-husband has just fathered a child with his latest wife, and Wanda begins to yearn for a time when her only problems were her daughter's truancy and pot smoking. When she meets Hanife, the mother of Nina's Muslim girlfriend, she finds an ally. Hanife, who immigrated to Austria as a child, is determined to save her daughter from the extremely old-fashioned image of women, which Nina is enthusiastically preaching. Cast=Simon Schwarz. Score=133 Vote. directed by=Eva Spreitzhofer

Release Year: 2017

A knight called Al Atr, he is a tribe protector who goes on a journey traveling lands seeking for a dowry to his beloved Salma the king's daughter. Throughout his journey, he faces many difficulties. While his brother Daboor plots a revolution in his land and becomes king of the tribe. The city becomes corrupt under his reign until Al Atr comes back and finds out what happens during his absence. Daboor and Al Atr go into battle, Al Atr wins, and the city returns to its previous state. The story ends up with presenting the dowry and the marriage of Al Atr and Salma

Director: Musa Bahman, Khaled Al-Qallaf

Country: Kuwait

9 / 10

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Directed by=This Lüscher / Writed by=André Küttel / 7,1 / 10 / score=46 Vote / Rider Jack is a movie starring Wolfram Berger, Rebecca Indermaur, and Maxwell Mare. RIDER JACK - Jack is afraid of remembering, his father of forgetting

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Cast: Anne Depétrini, Bérengère Krief. writer: Philippe Amar. Comedy. director: Anne Depétrini. Ratings: 4,8 of 10